The secret language of flowers!

How to add an additional element of meaning to your wedding day!


In days gone by, lovers would convey their feelings for each other with the secret language of flowers. Nowadays it’s their beauty and fragrance that is admired.

Flowers are an essential part of a wedding or any special occasion and make a wonderful gift, so, with a little knowledge and thought, you can select flowers that will add more meaning to your day.

If you are not superstitious, however you can choose whatever you like!


Alstomeria: wealth, prosperity

Amaryllis: splendid beauty

Anemone: expectation

Astilbe: ‘I’ll still be waiting’

Babies Breath: innocence, happiness, festivity

Bouvardia: enthusiasm

Calla Lily: magnificent beauty

Chrysanthemum: cheerfulness, optimism, truth

Clematis: clever, intellectual

Cornflower: delicacy

Dahlia: innocence, loyal love, gentleness

Daisy: innocence, loyal love, gentleness

Delphinium: lightness, fun, boldness

Forget-Me-Not: true love, hope, memories

Freesia: innocence, thoughtfulness, spirited

Gardenia: secret love, joy, good luck

Gerbera: happiness, love, appreciation

Gladioli: strength of character, remembrance

Hollyhock: ambition, fruitfulness

Hyacinth: (white) loveliness, (red or pink) playfulness

Hydrangea: understanding, perseverance

Iris: wisdom, faith, friendship

Larkspur: Infidelity

Lavender: devotion, happiness, success

Lilac: youthful, humility, confidence

Lily: majesty, truth, honour, pride (yellow) falsehood

Lily of the Valley: happiness, purity of heart

Lisianthus: outgoing nature, appreciation, calming

Love-in-the-Mist: delicacy, perplexity

Magnolia: youth, innocence, joy

Marigold: grief

Orchid: rare beauty, refinement, magnificence

Peony: bashfulness, good health, prosperity, romance

Poppy: (red) pleasure, consolation (yellow) wealth, success (white) sleep (general) imagination

Protea: diversity, courage

Queen Anne’s Lace: delicate femininity, sanctuary

Ranunculus: radiant charm, attractiveness

Rose: (red) love, joy, beauty (yellow) jealousy

Stephanotis: marital happiness, desire to travel, good luck

Stock: lasting beauty, bonds of affection

Sunflower: adoration, devotion, warmth, happiness

Sweet Pea: lasting pleasure, goodbye, shyness

Tuberose: dangerous pleasure

Tulip: (red) declaration of love, (general) perfect love, passion

Violets: faithfulness, modesty, innocence


Images in this article provided by Mel Hill Photography.