Canberra Wedding Floral Trends

Bride and Bridesmaids holding flowers from their Canberra Wedding.

Flower trends are difficult to define. Every wedding is so very different, as is every bride. They all have different, tastes, ideas and budgets but I do believe that floral trends are a lot like fashion trends and a lot of brides these days are becoming more adventurous, they will often do a lot of their own research before approaching florists with photos and ideas.

A traditional wedding bouquet in Canberra

Brides are often looking for something different and unique to incorporate in their wedding bouquets. Suggestions include; unusual or ‘foraged’ foliage, herbs, dried materials, seed pods, feathers, a bouquet of just mixed foliage, or one large single bloom eg. a white king protea.

Roses are still a very popular choice of flower to incorporate in your wedding bouquet.

A bride holding an unstructured style of wedding bouquet in Canberra.

While we have a lot of requests for the ‘freshly-foraged’ style of bouquet where it is looser and unstructured we still get many requests for a more traditional style of look, which I believe will never really go out of style.

Something to consider when choosing the style is that you will be holding it for a long time so you really don’t want it to be too heavy and if it is too large it will also conceal a lot of the embellishments on your dress.

The shape of your bouquet has a big impact on the overall style of your wedding.

Generally speaking, a wild, unstructured or organic style of bouquet suit a boho or relaxed style of wedding, whist a rounded, dome or ‘ball’ shape suits a more formal style of wedding.

Wedding flowers containing eucalyptus leaves perfect for a relaxed Canberra wedding.

Regardless of your budget, the flowers you choose or the time of year you are getting married the flowers you choose can really transform the day. See more examples of our Canberra wedding flowers.

Images in this article provided by Mel Hill Photography.